Process and Automation Analysis

Whether your automation or process is large or small, P&M Automation can provide you with a cost process-and-automation-analysiseffective analysis.

Process Analysis

P&M Automation will provide a flowchart of your process outlining the steps including materials or services entering or leaving the process, decisions that must be made, people who will be involved, and time involved at each process measurement point.

P&M Automation will also provide a Failure Mode Effects Analysis (FEMA), which is an approach for identifying all possible failures in a design, a manufacturing or assembly process, or a product or service.  P&M Automation will analyze the consequences, or effects, of those failures and provide possible solutions for eliminating or reducing those failures.  Some of these solutions can be eliminated or reduced by introducing automation.

Automation Analysis

Based on a clear set of requirements and expectations, P&M Automation can provide an analysis on what can be fully automated, partially automated, or not automated at all.  P&M Automation will evaluate existing infrastructure to support automation and provide a gap analysis on what needs to be accomplished to meet your requirements and expectations.

Our experience and industry knowledge can help you achieve your goals and expectations. Whatever level of involvement is required, from simply providing advice to providing a complete turnkey solution, we are committed to exceeding your needs.